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Nonconformist Cover.jpg

The Nonconformist
May 19, 2021
Rhapsodies of Seduction


The Deadly Writers Patrol #18. Spring 2021.
Made in Vietnam.

The Sextant Review
Issue II - 2020
Cinderella in Arabia
A Writing for Peace
Literary Journal of the Arts
Summer 2020, Issue III
The Shades of Black
Seeing Things.jpg
Seeing Things
an Anthology of Poetry
Revelations | An Early Drive to Work | Crush | Letting Go
The Sliding Door.jpg
The Pharos/Winter 2020
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
The Sliding Door
PPR Issue.jpeg
Pittsburgh Poetry Review - Issue 6, 2017
el-Portal Spring 2021.jpg

El Portal, Volume 79, Num 1, Spring 2021.

The Train of Sorrows.jpg
The Nonconformist
The Train Of Sorrows
by Nizar Qabbani/ translated by
Rana Bitar & Robert Benson
March 24, 2021
Beltway Poetry-1.png
Beltway Poetry Quarterly
Fall 2020 - Issue 21:4
Viral Dream
Dewdrop 1.png
The Dewdrop
Isolation Shorts
April 5
The Phoenix.jpg
The Phoenix
Issue 61, 2020
Letting Go
Iss 9 store image HARDCOPY.jpg
The Charleston Anvil - Issue 9, Vo5No2 - Winter 2019
El Portal.jpg
El Portal - Eastern New Mexico University's literary magazine.
Vol 75. Num 2. Fall 2017
Illumination cover36.jpg
Illuminations - V36, Spring 2021
Translated Poetry of Nizar
Standing in Lines.jpg
The Nonconformist
Standing in Lines
by Nizar Qabbani/ translated by
Rana Bitar & Robert Benson
March 17, 2021
magcloud 2.png
Pink Panther Magazine
8 September | Volume 11, No. 2
In The Alley
Apocalypse 1.png
Black Coffee Review
Apocalypse: Special Issue
International Human Rights Art Festival 2020
The Shades of Black
For George Floyd
Pages from The Magnolia Review Volume 3 Issue 2.jpg
The Magnolia Review - Volume 3, Issue 2, October 2017
Dove Tales Refugees and the Displaced Cover.jpg
DoveTales, An International Journal of the Arts, “Refugees and the Displaced” edition features poetry, essays, and short stories.
The Deadly Writer Fall 2016.png
The Deadly Writers Patrol #11. This issue was dedicated to the original publisher, Howard "Doc" Sherpe, who was instrumental in producing the first seven issues of DWP.
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