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The Deadly Writers Patrol #11. This issue was dedicated to the original publisher, Howard "Doc" Sher

Featured authors & poets:


    • Doug Bradley, Tom Deits, Dale Eikmeier, Rick Larson, Bruce Meredith, Susan O'Neill, Steve Piotrowski, Leilani Squire, Craig Werner, Arthur Wiknik, Jr., & Barbara Zimmerman


    • Rana Bitar, Gregory Wallace Black, Jerry Della Salla, Jr., W. D. Ehrhart, Anastasia McEwen, Rain E. Palmer, George Perreault, William Schuth, Lisa Stice, Paul Wasserman, & Paul Wellman

This issue was dedicated to our original publisher, Howard "Doc" Sherpe, who was instrumental in producing the first seven issues of DWP. At the time, Doc was struggling with some serious health issues. We lost him on 15 November 2016. Source:

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